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United States Fitness Assocciation 

Compettive Fitness For Everyone

The Situation

Only 10 athletes from each continent and a few select sanctioned event winners will move on to the CrossFit Games. This leaves the vast majority of athletes behind to merely watch and cheer.


Local competitions are becoming fewer and fewer with no structure or unity among the competitions. There is not much that the athletes get out of all of the work that they put in each and every day. The unfair division of play leads athletes feeling disheartened sometimes quitting the sport altogether. The result leads to less athletes competing and less overall participation in the sport.


The Open is a good test for the athletes but it is short-lived with only 3 workouts to look forward to each year. The athletes only benefit from the reward of qualifying and the season ends there.


Local competitions have no standards in which athletes compete. Therefore, the different divisions have large skill imbalances leading to bad experiences for most.

That being said, the typical fitness athlete has no good place to compete with athletes of the same fitness level.

The USFA Has the Solution that for which everyone has been waiting!

  The USFA was established to further develop the competitive functional-fitness space for the everyday athlete and to make competing accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. The USFA is also helping gym owners with member retention, community building, and athlete progressions.

Workout Facility

The Solution

The USFA set out to fill this gap in the functional fitness space to give athletes more options to compete at their level. 


First, the USFA has created simple fitness tests that classify athletes in eight (8) different ability levels. This also gives each athlete a road map outlining how to improve to the next level.


Athletes take the appropriate test to rate their ability. This gives every athlete a level playing field...Guaranteed! Each athlete then competes against other athletes of the same skill level. This ensures fairness in competition.


Recreational leagues will be formed by the USFA to give every athlete the ability to compete without taking up the whole day or weekend that local comps require. Additionally, being part of a team gives everyone more flexibility regarding when they can compete and it also gives them the support they need from teammates to excel, have fun, and succeed in competition.


Local and national competitions that are sanctioned by the USFA will have rating divisions that will allow athletes to obtain a ranking in both their section and the nation. This gives every athlete something to fight for and something towards which they can continue improving. The USFA Leagues also provide year-round opportunities to compete and are not restricted to one time a year.


This system solves so many problems that we see in the fitness space right now. Athletes will be competing in the proper division, they will be able to compete locally for 1.5 to 2 hours at each gathering, and they will be given standings for all of their dedication to the sport.

This is what we have all been waiting for......... Let's Get You Started Today!

How to Get Started

Our Methods

Getting Started

Athletes will sign up for a membership to the USFA. They will contact their gym owner to help assess your ability and receive the proper test to get rated. Then run through the qualification workouts to determine their fitness level. The qualification workouts vary based on the assumed level of the athlete.


If a participant exceeds the expected numbers for their level, they will be upgraded and will need to perform the tests for the next level. Levels range from 2.0 to 5.5.


Athlete Classification

Once the rating classification test is completed and the test sheet submitted to the USFA, it will be verified. At this point, the athlete is a verified athlete with the USFA and will be able to register for teams, leagues, and local competitions at the proper ability level.

This will also give them the ability to compete in local USFA sanctioned competitions to help them get rankings for their specific ability level as well as a national ranking.

The League

Teams of 4 to 10 people (recommended for backup) will compete in ongoing leagues throughout the season. USFA verified Athletes will need to register with their gym and gym owner to be placed on the proper teams for the current ongoing leagues in their section.


There will be 3 to 4 person teams per match.

As an example: two level 2.5 teams from the same or different gyms will meet for a 2 hour “match” with a set of workouts that is consistent with their fitness level of 2.5. 

The league will be ongoing with different seasonal sections throughout the year.  

There will be one large league once a year that goes on to compete at the national level.  


The USFA will sanction local competitions that abide by the USFA fitness ratings to ensure an even playing field for their competitors in each division. 

The results of these competitions will also be validated by the USFA and used for athlete rankings. 

This will validate functional fitness providing an avenue for local competitions to function as a 'real sport' that entices sponsors to award prize money at a local level.

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