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United States Fitness Assocciation 

Compettive Fitness For Everyone

  The USFA was established to further develop the competitive functional fitness space for the everyday athlete and to make competing accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. While helping gym owners with member retention, community building, and athlete progressions.

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There is a lot that a gym owner needs to do to run a successful gym. There are many challenges that we face on the business and social side of our community to keep it growing and updated. 

Member retention is one of the biggest ones. We do a lot to achieve this. With good coaching, social events, and instructional clinics just to name a few.

Athlete progression is a big part of keeping value for your members. Helping them grown in fitness as well as skills. Keeping them engages in programming, events, and coaching.

One of the biggest is keeping the fire lit in all our members to keep getting fitter. The question comes up a lot....Why? People will stick to getting fitter for only so long. Then it either turned into maintenance training or they go less and less because they have reached a body fat level or some other personal goal. The fire to reach a goal is gone.

Well the USFA system will give you tools to help with all this.

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The USFA system will give the gym owner the system to keep members engaged on many levels.

The rating system gives members a road map and a testing system to keep getting better in smaller more manageable increments. This is more rewarding for the members and keeps people working hard towards smaller goals that are more tangible. Plus give them the disire to work with coaches on the smaller things. Hint....Hint....Private lessons. It will also make them more likely to compete because it is now a level playing field and they will be playing with athletes of the same ability level. Which makes it fair and more fun.

The leagues that the USFA creates will give you more social events to keep members involved. But also get everyone on the same team in the gym. The support system among members will grow, and the support of your gym will grow. The leagues also give the competitive person more chances to play, around their schedule. No more all-day events, or full weekend comps. Athletes can compete year-round 1- 2 days a month for 2 hours, or they can compete every week. 

Running your own local comp will be much easier as well. The rating system will give you proper and fair divisions that all the athletes will be happy with. No more "why are they in my division?" USFA Sanctioned Comps will be also giving ranking points to everyone participating. Which will bring in more participants, because now the athletes are fighting for something of greater value and they know it is fair. Rankings are one of the biggest things that keep people's fire lit. This helps you run a bigger more successful comp.

Let's get your gym sign up so you can bring this great system to your gym and members.

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Getting Started

Become and Gym Owner Member of the USFA. Registering your gym will allow your gym to participate in the USFA leagues and run sanctioned local competitions. Download all the rating tests and get familiar with them.

Inform all your athletes about the USFA and get them to get registered and verified. This alone is a great social event.


Athlete Classification

Get your athletes registered through the USFA. Take them all through the test for their appropriate skill level. Make sure they are all verified by the USFA.


You can then started building your teams with the verified athletes for the leagues.

The League

Once the league is closed and all teams are final you will get a schedule. There will be a home and away gym for each week. If needed you can schedule the event at a premiere sectional location. Most leagues will be in a round-robin format.

The workouts for these weekly events will be posted by the USFA a week before each event. You will then field your team of 3 to 4 people and you will need to set up times for the two gyms to compete.

Local Comps

Hosting local comps is a huge part of the competitive sphere for functional fitness and we encourage every gym to be running them. 

Competitions sanctioned through the USFA will allow them to use the USFA rating system to make proper, fair, and balanced divisions in their competition. It also, allows all the athletes to obtain ranking points for their sectional and national rankings. This will legitimize Functional fitness as a real sport while also giving all the athletes some to work for every day, week, and year.

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Premiere Sectional Locations

USFA Headquarters

7051 Commerce Cir Suite C.

Pleasanton, Ca 94588
Tel: 925-353-4894

Diablo CrossFit

8447 Estand Way

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Tel: 844-438-3422

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